In-House Services for IDEXX in Hawthorne CA

At Rosecrans Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to providing the highest standard of care for your beloved pets. Our in-house diagnostic services are designed to offer comprehensive testing, advanced care, quick turnaround times, and personalized care. All are aimed at ensuring the best possible outcomes for your pet’s health and well-being.

What are IDEXX Lab Tests?

IDEXX testing refers to diagnostic tests and equipment provided by IDEXX Laboratories, a global leader in veterinary diagnostics. IDEXX offers a wide range of in-house diagnostic services and equipment designed to help veterinarians quickly and accurately diagnose various health conditions in pets.

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Our In-House Diagnostic Capabilities

  • Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer: Our state-of-the-art Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer allows us to perform a wide range of chemistry tests in-house. From assessing organ function to monitoring electrolyte levels, this advanced equipment provides precise and reliable results, enabling us to diagnose and treat your pet more effectively.
  • ProCyte Hematology Analyzer: With the ProCyte Hematology Analyzer, we can perform detailed blood analysis right here in our clinic. This includes assessing red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, helping us identify conditions such as anemia, infection, and clotting disorders with accuracy and efficiency.
  • SediVue: Our SediVue urinalysis system allows for rapid and accurate analysis of urine samples. By examining sediment morphology, urine chemistry, and microscopic elements, we can detect urinary tract infections, kidney disease, and other urinary abnormalities promptly, facilitating timely intervention and treatment.

Comprehensive Pet Testing

Our IDEXX in-house diagnostic services cover a wide range of tests, including hematology, chemistry, urinalysis, and more. This comprehensive approach ensures that we can thoroughly assess your pet’s health and provide accurate diagnoses, all under one roof.

Advanced Veterinary Equipment

We utilize advanced IDEXX equipment for all our in-house diagnostic services. This technology is known for its precision, reliability, and efficiency, allowing us to deliver superior care for your pets with confidence.

Quick Turnaround

With our in-house diagnostic capabilities, we can provide rapid test results, often within the same visit. This minimizes wait times and enables us to expedite treatment plans, ensuring that your pet receives the care they need as soon as possible.

Why Choose IDEXX In-House Services?

  • Accuracy: IDEXX in-house tests are renowned for their accuracy and reliability, providing you with confidence in our diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
  • Convenience: By performing diagnostics in-house, we eliminate the need for external lab referrals, saving you time and reducing stress for your pet. You can rest assured that all aspects of your pet’s care are seamlessly integrated within our clinic.
  • Personalized Care: In-house veterinarian diagnostics allow us to tailor treatment plans to your pet’s specific needs, ensuring the best possible outcome for their health and well-being. We take into account your pet’s unique medical history, lifestyle, and individual requirements when developing their care plan.

Our Commitment to Quality:

  • Continuous Improvement: We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in IDEXX diagnostic technology, ensuring that we always provide the highest standard of care for your pets.
  • Quality Assurance: Our in-house diagnostic procedures adhere to strict quality control measures, guaranteeing accurate and reliable results for every test.
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